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Country and Western Dance

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Dancing at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.

Country and Western Dance turns the spotlight on a uniquely American form of dance, one that has been scuffing the floorboards for nearly a century but is often overlooked.

Advance review of Country and Western Dancing:
“Enjoyed your manuscript very much! Made us want to put on our cowboy boots and go out two-steppin." Tami Stevens, Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association

Fun, lively, and thoroughly researched, this revealing volume tells the full story of country and western dance music from the days of Bob Wills and Tulsa to Oklahoma's Cain's Ballroom to John Travolta and Gilley's of Houston, Texas. Each chapter provides information on the historical roots of the most popular country and western dances as well as the pioneers of the music of a particular era, all in the context of changing cultural, social, political, and economic forces in America. The book also examines the seminal impact of radio, television, and the movies in helping spread the music, the moves, and the good times on the country dance floor.